Jan 2022 Update
Improvements to the Player Update area, Download of Player data and other updates


  • Player Sub Types are now assigned to Players, in addition to a Type
  • Player Sub Types can now be used to help organize and assign correct Player Software Updates
  • Player Download Percentage is now an available column to view in the Players Table

  • Account Admins can now download a CSV file of all Player data/details

  • Improved Search has been implemented, to hide non matching items instead of just highlighting matching items
  • Search by Serial Number for players is now available
  • Account Admins can now hide the Messages Area if not needed
  • Editing a Custom Setting for a Player is now available
  • Deleting multiple screenshots at once for a Player is now available
  • Content Upload page now has a Cancel button available
  • Select All in tables is now available
  • List of available Countries in Player Edit has grown
  • Content Contributors can now add folders in the Content area
  • Copying a Schedule is now available in the Schedule table page
  • The Account List for an Organization Admin is now alphabetized
  • Tags assigned to a Location are now visible on the Locations Page
  • Player Updates now allow for an update classification, either MediaSignage, OS or System
  • Removed the Next/Previous buttons when only a single piece of Content is being created from a Content Template
  • Made some UI improvements in the new Program area
  • Added Bulk Actions to the Program area
  • Ruby version running on a Player is now displayed in the Player System area


  • Updated the instructions on Player Bulk Update to be more clear
  • Fixed some issues around pagination when deleting a Playlist
  • Fixed an issue where a negative value could be saved in the Placeholder Limit field
  • Fixed an issue where the Content table Settings area was not working properly for Content Contributors
  • Fixed an issue where filters were not working properly on the Playlist page
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong icon was being used for the HDMI content type
  • Updated the share icon for Content
  • The top bar now handles longer Account names better
  • Fixed an issue where Content Contributors could incorrectly favorite a piece of content
  • Fixed an issue where the player SAN value was not being saved correctly
  • Fixed an issue where a Playlists Content and Play Time values were doubled when the Playlist was duplicated
  • Custom Settings are for Players now handles long values better
  • Fixed some issues around dates not showing correctly at times in the Schedule area
  • Fixed an issue where tags were not saving properly during the Content Upload process
  • Fixed an issue where Location import would not work properly at times
  • The Player Count on Player Group Folders displays larger numbers better now
  • Fixed an issue where the resize handles were missing on Content Templates
  • Fixed an issue where start and end times were not being passed down to the player properly for Local Content
  • Fixed an issue where content assigned to a Group would incorrectly show in the Assigned content for that Group
  • Improved and fixed some bugs to the Bulk Update function in the Player area
  • Fixed an issue where players would not always be notified of a new software update
  • Removed the unneeded 0's after the decimal point in the Layouts area
  • Fixed an issue where Content Assignment was not working properly when assigning the content to a lot of Locations
  • Removed Bandwidth Limit, Local Still Duration and Local Content PW from the Player Settings area, as those values are no longer applicable
  • Fixed multiple issues around Player Deletion
  • Fixed an issue where a Program might display an error icon for a Playlist even though content is assigned
  • Fixed an issue where new Messages for a Location would update the Location Manifest file incorrectly
  • Updated Player Settings labels. Media Manage Content -> Local Content, VOD Media Manage Content -> VOD Content
  • Fixed an issue where Content Count total for a Location was not calculating properly
  • Fixed an issue where Group Content Count total was not calculating properly
  • Fixed an issue where the Tags panel would not display properly during Content Upload
  • Fixed an issue where Tags were sometimes not displaying properly for a Player
  • Other bug fixes and improvements



Testing Complete
December 7, 2021
Heroku Released
January 5, 2022
Azure Released
January 6, 2022
Created by

Brad Godfrey

Last Modified
January 7, 2022