Added Employee Profiles to improve content templates
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There are many new features and designs in this release with Content Templates, Employee Profiles, Locations and more.


  • New Employee Profile Functionality
  • New in this update is a lot of new features to help create content faster by using the employee profile to help fill in content about employees.
  • The Users area has been updated to capture more details about an employee
  • Photo, preferred name, employment start date, birth day (excluding year) and attributes.
  • The Employee Profile is not required to be used and previous Content Templates will still work as before.
  • Content Templates have been updated to support Employee Profiles
  • Content Templates UI has been updated and optimized
  • In addition to Text and Photo, there is now a new Employee Placeholder that can be added to Content Templates.
  • Employee Placeholder is a group of text fields and a photo that can be used.
  • Employee Placeholders get populated with content from the Users that are assigned to that Location/Group.
  • The Location Area has been improved to provide more details about the Location
  • Location details are now properly organized
  • Users that are part of the location are now listed
  • Current content assigned to play at the location is now visible in the Location area
  • Admins can now see which users are currently displayed in a piece of content
  • Many other improvements!
  • Attributes
  • New to the MSS are attributes.  These can be created and assigned to Users.
  • They function similar to a ‘tag’, and can be used to help organize users and quickly add users to a piece of content just by selecting an attribute.
  • Admin Settings area got a little update
  • There is now the ability to set a default user Image per Account.
  • New Login Experience
  • The login screen has been improved, asking users to enter their email and then password.
  • This new functionality will support Single SignOn requests where uses should use a company’s SSO and the MSS will direct user to that login page after entering their email.
  • Organization admins can now set a domain and URL redirect to support the SSO redirect
  • Location User Update
  • Location Admin Users now have access to the Users assigned to their location
  • Location Admin Users can assign content to individual users or based off of attribute assignment.
  • Please reach out to your account manager to schedule a demo of the new features if interested.


  • General fixes and improvement



Testing Complete
April 8, 2021
Heroku Released
April 20, 2021
Azure Released
May 4, 2021
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Brad Godfrey

Last Modified
July 1, 2021