Enabling Copying of Content and More
3 min
Adding functionality for player bulk updates, universal time support, and much more


  • Bulk Update of Players
  • You can now multi select or upload a CSV file of players and add/remove tags or change the time zone to all players.
  • Universal Time support for Programs/Schedules
  • You can now set a program to start/stop at a universal time or just use the local time of the MediaSignage Player (MSP).
  • Move player to a different Account or Organization
  • Organization admins can now move MSP’s to a different Account within their organization if needed.
  • Hughes support can move MSP’s to different organizations if needed.
  • Copy content to different account
  • Admins can now copy content to a different account.
  • The quick publish schedule button will now remember the last schedule published.
  • Multi-select of MSP’s is now possible in the Software Update page.
  • If a MSP is assigned to use internal storage, that MSP will not be flagged with the USB Unplugged flag anymore
  • You can now favorite more items to show them on the dashboard.
  • Server update notification
  • Hughes can now notify users of important system updates with a message on the login screen.
  • Hughes support can now move accounts to a different organization.
  • Improved migration poxy settings


  • Fixed an issue where the Schedule name assigned to the MSP was not displayed properly in the Players table
  • Fixed an issue where VOD count was displayed wrong on the dashboard
  • Programs now display content files alphabetically
  • General System improvements to improve stability
  • Fixed an issue where location users saw tags
  • Fixed an issue where the apple logo was being displayed for all player types in the schedules area
  • Fixed an issue where a trailing space in a Program name could cause issues on the MSP
  • Improved the search functionality for content in the Program area
  • Fixed an issue where the edit button on the Schedule Calendar page would not always work
  • Fixed an issue where monitor controls did not always work properly
  • Fixed an issue where a user could input a negative value in the Randomize Heartbeat value
  • Fixed an issue where a user could input negative values in Cache and Registry Retry
  • Repeated programs until date will now end on the date selected instead of the date before
  • Fixed the players column in the Schedules table
  • Fixed some icons to make sure they were display properly
  • Fixed playlist count issues
  • Fixed an issue where a data feed would not delete properly for some users
  • Fixed an issue where a folder was not able to be deleted after delete all the content in the folder
  • Fixed an issue where a default message would not be displayed for a location
  • Fixed an issue where some location users would see options for content that only applied to admins
  • Fixed an issue where deleting a video would not remove it from an assigned VOD group
  • Fixed an issue where group folders did not show the proper number of players assigned to the group
  • Changed the name of NEP ID to SAN
  • Other general fixes and improvement



Testing Complete
July 6, 2020
Heroku Released
July 10, 2020
Azure Released
July 20, 2020
Created by

Brad Godfrey

Last Modified
August 2, 2021