June 2023 Update
Improved Locations / Groups / Attributes Assignments


  • Location/Group/Attribute Assignments made in the MSS now persist if those assignments are changed by an external process (Import or SSO change).
  • Location/Group/Attribute Assignments made by an external process (Import or SSO) will continue to be managed by the external process.
  • Table column widths can now be adjusted. Adding/Removing columns to be displayed will reset the columns widths.


  • Fixed an issue where the Multiple Reboot Flag might get set incorrectly at times.
  • Fixed an issue where SmartScan didn't display properly at times.
  • Fixed an issue where Screenshots will properly delete when a Player is moved to another Account.
  • Download Percentage value has been updated to be rounded when displayed in the Player table.
  • Fixed an issue where the Display Off flag wasn't clearing properly at times.
  • Fixed an issue where unlocking the Font Size in a Content Template didn't work properly every time.
  • Added ellipsis back for the new tables.
  • Improved column width padding with the new tables.
  • Improved the Integrations area to properly display the schedule time.
  • Fixed an issue where Player Monitor Controls displayed time in 24 hr format.
  • Improved Organization User view process.
  • Fixed an issue where employees not part of the group were displayed at times.
  • Improved user deletion.
  • Fixed an issue where deleting an Integration did not remove the field mapping lock.
  • Made some improvements to the Impersonate User feature
  • Fixed the icon image in the Users table



Testing Complete
Heroku Released
July 11, 2023
Azure Released
July 11, 2023
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Last Modified
July 6, 2023