Oct 2022 Release


  • Image display duration and max duration can now be set per Content Template
  • Drag and Drop is now supported within a Content Template for all image placeholders.
  • Tags in the Player area now display which tags were inherited by the Player and which are directly assigned to the Player.
  • Single Sign On Updates, supporting unique customer ID field
  • Smart Playlist have 1 as a default value in the Number of Times field
  • Player Storage reporting values now consistent with storage graph
  • Clicking on headings in SmartScan area will now filter results
  • Player download CSV file now has created at value
  • Implemented an error capture page to help display and report possible server issues


  • Fixed an issue where the Content Duration value couldn't be changed after upload/creating
  • Fixed an issue where Group Admins couldn't add content to their playlist
  • Fixed an issue where the Players table was not paginating properly
  • Improved Player Filter functionality
  • Fixed an issue where a new Player couldn't be opened in a new browser tab
  • Made some improvements with the tile counts for Locations/Users in the Group area
  • Fixed and issue where the time would display in 24hr format when AM/PM was expected
  • Fixed an issue SmartPlaylist start times were not sorted properly at times
  • Fixed an issue where the Dashboard would refresh when a Favorite item was removed
  • Fixed an issue where the Player Table wouldn't sort by download percentage properly at times
  • Fixed an issue where a SmartScan image would display in the account more than required
  • Improved the display of Locations in the User view if the user was assigned multiple locations
  • Fixed an issue where the Player check-in frequency could be set to less than 1
  • Fixed an issue where SmartPlaylists would not play properly if configured a certain way
  • Fixed an issue where the video action menu would not be active at times in the VOD menu



Testing Complete
Heroku Released
Azure Released
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Last Modified
October 6, 2022