August 2022 Release
MediaSignage Server Improvements


  • Tables are getting improved, starting with Players and Locations
  • Customizing Table Column positions is now possible on new Tables
  • New Tables can now display entire column value if truncated when hovering over the value with the mouse cursor
  • Content Template text editing has been improved and simplified
  • There is now an option to send the reboot command to all players within a Group
  • The Program name displayed on the Schedule page is now linked to the Program
  • The Add Content model window now displays the Duration and Start Date/Time for each piece of content
  • There is now the option to open/edit a Playlist from the Program area


  • Fixed an issue where Layouts would not delete properly at times
  • Fixed an issue where a Location Admin could not add a new User to their Location
  • Improved content thumbnail creation
  • Improved the load time of the Add Content modal window in Playlists and Programs
  • Fixed an issue where is the Content Duration global value was set to 0, Location Admins could not adjust the content duration
  • Fixed an issue to properly display the Player icon
  • Fixed an issue where the reboot time for a player could get off a bit in the database for a player
  • Fixed an issue where a very large CSV file of player data could fail to download
  • Fixed an issue where the content upload progress bar could be off a bit on very rare occasions
  • Fixed an issue in Reports and pagination
  • Fixed an issue where deleting a VOD group with content assigned wouldn't work
  • Fixed an issue with Player version sorting
  • The Location page now only shows content currently player for that Location
  • Fixed an issue on the Locations page to properly sort the Message Count column and Content Count column
  • Fixed an issue where deleting a Group didn't always work
  • Fixed an issue where the heartbeat value for a player could be removed from a player config file
  • Fixed an issue where a Location would not delete properly at times
  • Fixed an issue to improve compatibility with content that contains an apostrophe in the content name field



Testing Complete
August 30, 2022
Heroku Released
September 12, 2022
Azure Released
September 13, 2022
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Last Modified
September 9, 2022